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Unique Box 1 Surprise Moment

55.00 €

Don't know what wine to choose? With our experience of over 30 years, we will make a specialized selection of unknown wines, serious and with the personality and simplicity of small producers. Try the suggestions from Mina and Torres! DURATION: 1 month/moment | FREE SHIPPING!

Do you have any doubts about which wine to buy? Take advantage of our experience of more than 30 years and receive a specialized and differentiated selection of wines!


Are you going to have dinner with friends and want to surprise them? Are you starting your private wine cellar? Do you want to offer a wine to a special person and make them feel special? Or do you simply need help choosing a wine?

This Unique Box allows you to enter the world of unknown wines, with the personality and simplicity of small producers.


How it works?

1. Select the Unique Box and receive 2 or more wines (let yourself be surprised) with different characteristics.

2. We deliver your wines at the desired address.