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Esboçopódio - Verdelho 2020

26.00 €

The famous wine that projected the name of Pico around the world, served on the tables of opulence of Czars and Popes The year 2020 will also be remembered for the emergence of a new wine project. Lucas Lopes Amaral is the youngest "islander" to sign and bottle Azorean wines. Raised in the "vineyard corrals" of his family, he soon realized the "roughness" of the local vitiviniculture, but this did not discourage him and he wanted to know more and complement the practical experience transmitted by his parents, with technical and scientific knowledge. He returned home and to the experience of the island to fulfill dreams that he always knew would come true one day.

COUNTRY: Portugal

REGION: Pico/Madalena - Açores

GRAPES: Monocasta

ALCOHOL: 12,5% 

CAPACITY: 750 ml


Strong acidity, elegant and refreshing mouthfeel and with a marked touch of the maritime and volcanic terroir of the Azores. Monocaste of excellence.